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FlehaType is a type service specialised in designing well-made handcrafted typefaces. You can buy our retail typefaces or order a custom font that will meet your needs perfectly.

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Katka is a informal playful typeface entirely cut-out of paper. With two stylistic variants for each letter it enables your text to appear hand-made. Three layers of the type family – Basic, Contour and Confetti – give its users plenty of opportunity for creativity. By making use of its dingbats and icons you can create distinctive user interfaces, social media campaigns or festive designs. Katka feels at home in branding projects, editorial use, children’s books and packaging.

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FlehaType is run by Teja Smrekar. Teja graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana where she got fascinated by letterforms and typography. She continued her studies at the University Reading, UK where she gained a masters degree in Type Design. After 2015 she has worked as an independent graphic and type designer for various international clients.

We’re located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. If you’re near, come by for coffee and biscuits, otherwise reach us by mail or phone +386 40 123 824.

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