Handmade Fonts
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At Flehatype foundry we’re focused on designing handmade fonts, logos and letterforms. To feel the material and to create with our hands is in the root of our method.

In contrast to most of the letterforms which are either ‘written’ or ‘drawn’ the main ingredient of our products is the surface – “Fleha” (a distorted german/slovenian word for a surface). To some extend this approach looks up to printing roots when the early punchcutters were making the first metal type.

This surface-centred process has some unique challenges no matter which method is used. Done either by scissors, a knife, linocut or any other process we always create lettershapes or artworks in physical forms. We try to keep a unique flavour of a certain technique and make sure it’s expressiveness is not lost during the process of digitisation.

Whether creating a layered cut-out series of letterforms, a derivative of woodtype printing or a bizarre interpretation of script typeface we always try to create interesting products that designers would use in an unexpected way.


FlehaType is run by Teja Smrekar. Teja graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana where she got fascinated by letterforms and typography. She continued her studies at the University Reading, UK where she gained a masters degree in Type Design. After 2015 she has worked as an independent graphic designer and typeface designer for various international clients.


Let’s talk! hello@flehatype.com